Appetizers: All House Made

Wings (served in 10's)- Hot, medium, mild, Chiavetta's, sriracha, habanero $8 per 10
Chicken Fingers- 3-Breaded chicken fingers, Hot, medium, mild, blue cheese dressing, $7
Quesadilla- Cheddar and pepper jack cheese. served with house salsa, house guacamole, sour cream $8
Add Protein: Steak $4, Chicken $3, Tofu $3
Club Nachos- Tortilla chips, house made queso cheese sauce, Pico, house guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, and cilantro.
$9 Add Protein: Steak $4, Chicken $3, Tofu $3
Basket of Fries- (Vegan Friendly) Our own house French Fries deep fried to a delicate crisp $6
Fried Calamari- Hand breaded and deep fried served with house made marinara $11
Fried Tofu- (Vegan friendly) House marinated tofu, fried and served with warm peanut sauce $10

Table Platters: Share with old friends or make new ones

Pickin Platter-Variety of cheese and Spar's smoked sausage, crackers, house pickles, celery $10
Add: Chef Pat's house sauce, spicy or mellow $2
Italian Platter-Variety of Italian cheese, chorizo sausage, prosciutto, crostini, black olives, fennel $11 Add: House marinara
or Chef Pat's house sauce $2
Greek To Me Platter- Greek olives, toasted pita, Stuffed grape leaves, pepperoncini, feta $10
Add: House Tzatziki or hummus $2

Pita Pie: Single serving pizza on Pita, baked to a crispy bottom with soft insides

(Pita fresh from the Lebanese bakery)
Joe's Club 861- Chef Pat's marinara, fresh mozzarella, spices, Pepperoni $9
Funguy Pie- (Vegan Friendly) Variety of mushrooms, spices, garlic white sauce $7
(Optional: Add Parmesan) Add:
Shaved Beef $3
Dirty White Girls- Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, Parm & Romano cheeses, Spinach, balsamic drizzle $9

Sliders: Served with House Fries

Cheeseburger- lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese $8
Add: Crispy Bacon $3
Philly's Steak-Shaved steak, caramelized onions, marinated mushrooms, provolone cheese $10

Salads: House Made Dressings (Ranch, Thousand Island, Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Caesar, Bleu)

House Salad- (Vegan Friendly) Romain and iceberg mix, cherry tomato, cucumbers, red onion, served with Choice of dressing $5
Caesar Salad- romaine, croutons, red onion, house Caesar dressing $7
Pear Salad- Salad blend, sliced pears, blue cheese crumbs, candied pecans, Pat's apple cider vinaigrette balsamic reduction $11
(Flavor is unbelievable)
Add Protein to any salad: Steak $4, Chicken $3, Tofu $3, Shrimp $4, Salmon $4

½ Pound Hand Made Burgers: Served with chips

(Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and our house made pickles) -
Substitute house fries for chips $3
Classic- Juicy burger grilled to desired temperature. $10
Add Cheese- $1.50 Add Bacon $2
Calvin's Breakfast Burger- Fried egg, cheddar cheese, house bacon jam, and bacon slices $11.50
Phily Burger- Caramelized onions, house marinated mushrooms, provolone cheese. $11.50
Portabella burger- (Vegan friendly) Portabella mushrooms cooked in balsamic, spinach, roasted red pepper, basil pesto aioli $12
(Optional -mozzarella cheese)

Panini: Served with chips unless otherwise specified

Substitute house fries for chips $3
861 Grilled Cheese- Three cheeses on fresh bread fried to a gooey crisp $10
Pulled Pork- Slow roasted pulled pork, house made BBQ sauce, pickled red onion, coleslaw $12
Corn Beef- Thick sliced Italian bread, corn beef, coleslaw, House made horseradish sauce, tomato, choice of cheese $12

Sandwiches: Served with chips unless otherwise specified

Substitute house fries for chips $3
Roast Beef Wrap- Club 861's own slow roasted beef hand carved, piled high on a wrap with our own Horsey Sauce $11
Steak Sandwich- 6 to 8 oz. House marinated steak, roasted red peppers, gorgonzola cheese, garlic/wasabi aioli serve on baguette $13
Po Boy (Fish or Shrimp)- blacken or beer battered, Lettuce, tomato, Chipotle aioli $12
Buffalo's Chicken Sandwich- Hand breaded chicken fingers, hot, medium or mild sauce, blue cheese dressing, lettuce,
tomato, onion, blue cheese crumbles $12
The Cuban- Pulled pork, thick sliced ham, House pickles, mayo and spicy mustard $13

Sweet Tooth:

Janet's Crème Brulee – Vanilla bean custard with a hint of brown sugar and bruleed with sugar $6
(Chef Pat may substitute other custard styles for vanilla, ask server)
Cheesecake – Chef Pat's cheesecake with fruit (In season) $6

Buffalo's Own Fish Fry- (Only available on Friday)
Fresh piece of haddock, panko breaded, beer battered and fried to a delicate crisp also available broiled.
Includes, tartar sauce, house fries, Cole slaw with Macaroni Salad $14